domingo, 2 de enero de 2011

Jamie Cullum

Here we have a music a recommendation for the Jazz lovers, here we have to Jamie Cullum. He borned the 20th of August in 1979, in Ramford (England). He's a very popular Jazz musician whose career started in the bars and cocktail locals of his hometown. The true Cullum's music career, for us to understand, started when he was at the university (he studied cinema and english literature) with the group: Jamie Cullum Trio. with whom he played a lot of concerts and they recorded their first album: Heard it All Before (in 1999). Even tough few copies of this first album were made, he reached to get attetion, thus he managed a contract with the discography Universal Records in 2003. Later, he sold 850.000 copies with Twentysomething his first album with this record company. Even, in 2008, he played a theme in the famous film Gran Torino - a film that everyone must watch before die.

In my point of view, I love his Jazz music in which the piano has such prominence, and yes! I know that it's a personal preference. But particullary, I think that a Jazz can be considered a very good Jazz if you can use all the elements of the oldschool and make with them this kind of music, fashioned, new and original, as Cullum does.

Below, I put you two videos of this great artist, if you like it, please, look for more and more songs of Jamie Cullum.

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