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Hernán Casciari

    Hernán Casciari (Mercedes, Buenos Aires, March 16, 1971) is a writer and journalist. He is known for his work for the union between literature and weblog, featured in blogonovela. Casciari received the First Novel Prize at the Biennial of Art in Buenos Aires (1991), with the show 'Go back up to life', and Juan Rulfo Prize (Paris 1998), 'We wash our dirty clothes". Hernán Casciari live currently in Barcelona since 2000In Argentina he worked as managing editor of the magazine La Ventana, he was a columnist in the 'Semanario Protagonistas' and director of 'El domingo'. 

Casciri's best known work on the network is: 'A fat woman's Weblog' (This weblog was the winner of the German network Deutsche Welle) It has been published on paper too, with the title: 'More respect, I'm your mother'. Hernán Casciari was also the author of "Letizia Ortiz's Diary", he wrote the first months of life of Letizia Ortiz in first person from the announcement of her engagement to the heir of the Crown of Spain. 

In 2005, he was the voice of the protagonist of the TV series 'My dear Klikowsky' on Internet. At the end of September 2006  he published in Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries his novel "Diary of a fat woman", by an  South American editorial. Later, in September of 2007 he published his second book: 'Spain, you lost', released under the label Plaza & Janés. 

In 2007, Hernán Casciari started a new blog about TV series in the online edition of the newspaper 'El Pais'. And in 2008, he started working at EP3 - that is the weekly supplement of 'El Pais', and he also was working at the Argentine daily 'La Nacion. 

The year 2010, Casciari waived to both newspapers because of personal reasons and he began the project of a quarterly magazine: Orsai, which is distributed worldwide, and this magazine won't have advertisements. This magazine is sold at a price equal to fifteen of the major newspapers of the country of purchase. For the first edition, which will appear in January 2011, has sold a total of 10,080 copies.


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