martes, 4 de enero de 2011


The officials in the state of Arkansas are looking for what could have caused that more than one thousand black birds to fall and die from the sky.

The Game and Fish Arkansas Comission said that they start receiving the first reports about the dead birds about the 23.30 Friday night, in the town of Beebe.

The ornithologist of the Comission, Karen Rowe, says the birds showed a physical trauma and she added: "The birds could have been hit by a lightning or a high-altitude hail", but she can't garantee anything.

The Comission says the birds could have dead by the fireworks, the New Year's Eve when every one celebrated it with a party and making noise; maybe the pressure of the new year killed these birds.

Robby King, wildlife inspector of the company, collected 65 dead birds to take them to the laboratories of Livestock and Poultry State Comission and the National Health Center of Wildlife in Wisconsin.

Similar phenomena have been reported in more places, said Karen Rowe, who assured that the tests are not usually conclusive. The expert announced that she doubted that the black birds were poisoned.

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