miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

First person shooter on real life.

In a moment of our lifes, everyone has played to the video games. That kind of games which take you, and you start to forget your real life. But it wouldn't be a problem if the video game would be the real life!

That's the idea that the guys of freddiew have had. Thus, they have taken a lot of toy weapons, a pair of cameras, a lot of dudes with free time. And let's play!

The video is based on the game Call of Duty, a video game very popular because its online mode. The most popular among the all online games, a kind of trend in the video games - every game has one - so if you have played to this kind of first person shooter game; you'll enjoy it a sight more.

And it is the result of the boredom and the actual video editing.

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