sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

Due Date

It seems a curse that haunts me and there is no way I can go to watch Scott Pilgrim. I was disappointed after going to the cinema and discover I caould not watch the movie because of "technical problems" with the cinema. We decided that we had walked to go to there, we was other.

The film that we chose was ' Due Date ' directed by Todd Phillips (director of some films like the popular: ' The Hangover ' ), starred by Zach Galifianakis - actor who is gaining fame through this type of comedy - and by Robert Downey Jr. ( a.k.a Stark in Iron Man).

After The Hangover (I think I repeat myself too), Todd Phillips return with a lot of strength with a beast comedy in which we are presented to Peter Highman, an architect who has carefully planned every day, a perfect life with his beatiful wife. Peter is excited about the upcoming birth of their child to be born in just five days. Peter catchesa quickly a flight from Atlanta to go as soon as possible the birth of his wife, but he will meet an obstacle that will haunt him all the way: Ethan Tremblay, a young aspiring actor, whose appearance will be the cause of all the problems for Peter ( I  am not going to explai what happens, becaese it is extremely epic ). Peter lost the plane and passes to the blacklist - which is deprived the opportunity to fly. After losing his wallet and all his belongings, Peter eventually will end with Ethan, everything will result an amazing and strange adventure.

Like we find the same team that in 'The Hangover' is not surprising that we are facing to a very similar film. The plot has no secret, is the typical story where the characters have to go from point A to the poitn B in X time, so we won't find any unexpected disaster. Nor we will find a great soundtrack that put our hair up; we will listen just a pair of little songs out there and no more interesting. Of course, something that no one can't denied - and that make it a nice film - is the scenes of comedy, they are so epic that you will be rolling on the floor laughing. The stars will end in such unpredictable sitations that we can just shout: " What the ... ? "
You won't stop of laughing all the time. Be careful! Not drop de popcorn.

And I almost forget!!, the main characters will be accompanied by Sony, a dog that will surprise us because It does somethings very human. Persinally, I love the game of the ashes of the father of Ethan, who will carry in a coffee can and it will end involved in a series of catastrophic sitations (no, no, it is not a spoiler! calm down!! )

The movie lacks of a good end, because we used to see fucking atrocities and, finally, the main characters will survive... but, you cannot have everything in the life.

In a few words, it's worth watching with friends to have fun and laughing with them.

Oh, man! I had forgotten I haven't seen Scott Pilgrim yet... Danm it! I really want to watch Scott Pilgrim! (This is not a commercial .... )

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