sábado, 8 de enero de 2011


I think that everyone must know to a couple of dudes that make videos and more videos on Youtube.
Well, like the all the world, but with a difference: they are awesome. Smosh is a pair of friends that since they were sixteen or fourteen years old, they have been making videos about comedy. They always have tried to get the attention of the people with the laugh. And they have achieve it.

One day, someone very important watched a video of these genious and he (or she) decided to hire them. So, nowadays, they have their own website and they make videos weekly but no like before. Now they have a team to help them, a lot of secondary characters, video editing and with stuntmen!

In conclusion, google smosh and discover all the powerfull of a young friends with a lot of free time; and now, with money:

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