sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

Joe Hisaishi

Today, more than a musician, I bring you a little-known composer in the Western world. But you sure have heard on of his songs. This  Japanese composer born on 6th of December (1950) in Nagano. Hishaishi, at the age of 4 years (yes, it isn't a mistake, with 4 years) began playing the violind, he discovered a passion that will led him to be the highest in the Eastern culture. He has composed more than one hundred songs and soundtracks and many other arrangements for orchestra. He is linked to the Ghibli Studio since its inception, he has provided sountracks such as 'Spirited Away', 'Mononoke Pincess' and "Howl's Moving Castle. Moreover, he isn't stuck in the world of animation; then, for instance, he composed the soundtrack for "Goodbyes" (in 2008), a Japanese film directed by Yorijo Takita who won an Academy Award for Best Foreing Language Film in 2009.

With a very sharp taste, Hisaishi will shoe contemporary music with touches that remind us to the oriental style, but at no time wiil hit us too if we were not part of the globe. He has a personal preference to the piano in much ofhis work, as we can see how this is just moving into almost all his works - taking a leading role. And he also gives a great importance to the string section, but he will not ever forget the other instruments.

Here I put a song from the soundtrack that he has perform with the Ghibli Studio:

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