viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

Braid (video game):

Braid is a platform/puzzle video game developed by the independent software creator Jonathan Blow to the Xbox 360' s service Xbox Live Arcade. The title was released officially at the Microsft press conference last week in the Tokyo Game Show (2007), specifically, 6th August. This video game exists in Windows, Mac and Playstation 3 too.

Tim is the main character of the story: a man in search of his princess -  a typical plot you'll say; don't hurry up!. The relationship among these two characters is not very clear. I just can tell you that Tim has made a big mistake and he will try to solve it or he'll destroy it?... Every time that you enter in every world of the Tim's story (6 worlds in total), you'll see a text before enter in one of this world, in which you can read more and more information about the story of Tim and his princess. The basics themes in the Tim's video game is the oblivion, desire and frustration.

The end of the game is very confusing and it has been discussed in many forums.

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