jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010

New films:

First of all, we can find the film The fighter,  a drama starred by Mark Wahlberg who portrays Mickey Ward, a boxer  in the search of the topt of welterweight. A career full of obstacles, a weird plot in the sporting ambit and personal one. Ward will be supported by his half-brother Dicky, an former boxer turned in coach who managed escape from the world of drugs and crime.

The film opened in the American cinemas the 17th of December (Friday) and I personally think that it can be a very good film. The date for Spain is still unknown.
The second thing that I want to show you is the fourth part of the films Pirates of the Caribbean. The title of this one will be Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides which will tell us the story of our friendly Jack Sparrow , the famous captain looking for the source of eternal youth. After the last awful film of the pirates, in this one we can find a completely new repertory of actors and characters. There are a lot of characters that have been disappeared in previous Pirates  (bye bye to our lovely couple: Elizabeth Swan and William Turner, for example) , even though, there are many new characters who will surprise us!.

If you watch the trailer, the only thing that you’ll appreciate is good special effects, because the plot seems quite linear. But I will not prejudge it, we just have to wait to all the films that we can watch in the cinemas on the next year.

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