jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010

Nostromo, a God among mere mortals.

And who is Nostromo? - you'll wonder - A new God created by a group of geeks who want to make a cult? A new dildo shaped controller for the PS3? Nostromo is, basically, a guy very bored at home and he dedicates all his time to make AMV (Anime Music Video). Well, that isn't new, another freak making foolishness to believe that he's better than the rest. He'd be one more among the heap if not were for this fucking skill with the video editing is exceptional. He creates all the videos from zero, without help, he takes the images and the music, and that's all: party!

The mounts are awesome, all the other creators of AMV are eclipsed and forgotten when you admire the results of the Nostromo's effort. The synchronization among the video and the background music is amazing and extraordinary. And we don't just talk about his ability making videos, we talk about his imagination too, that allows him to create these arts pieces.

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