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Worksheet of the English Audiobook: 'Trucker' by Terry Pratchett

This is a little information about the book 'Truckers' (the first one of 'The Bromeliad Trilogy' a.k.a. 'The Nome Trilogy' in the UK) by the famous writer Terry Pratchett. This worksheet of my English calss includes a plot summary, the duration, the audiobook company and also other interesting things and my own opinion about listen this audiobook.


Book  title : Truckers (first part of ‘The Bromeliad Trilogy’)
Author:  Terry Pratchett                                           Publication date (year): 1990
Read by: Steven Brinks
Original book publisher: Collins Smythe
Audiobook publishing company: Isis audiobooks
Duration of audiobook in hours: 5 hours
Format (MP3, CD, other): CD
Number of chapter/section divisions: 6 chapters.
Fiction or Nonfiction? Fiction
If fiction, main characters in book:  Masklin, Torrit, Granny Morkie, Gurder, Arnold Family/Brothers, Angelo, Duke Sedo, Dorcas del Icatessen.
Summary of contents  (approx 200 words) :
The Nomes, a race of tiny people, live hidden in his world safetly until they discover that ‘The Store’ – all their own world – is going to be destroyed. This will make react to the main character Maklin, who will have to make a plan to save all his partners.
The unique possibility to the nomes is escape to the Outside; a completely unknown world for the store’s nomes to whom the sun, the night and the stars are just fairy tales.
The book starts in a field, where a young nome works hard to sustain his family and the elders. But,

·         Why did you choose this particular audiobook?
Because a classmate recommended me and I like the author.

·         (Approximate) date on which you began listening to the audiobook:
2nd or 3th of April.

·         (Approximate) date on which you finished listening to the audiobook :
Tuesday, 12th of April.

·         Do you have a written copy of the book you listened to?    
No, I have other books of Terry Pratchett, but no this trilogy concretely.

·         If your answer to the previous question is yes, did you use the written copy of the book to follow along as you listened to the audio version?

·         If your answer to the previous question is no, did you read the written version prior to listening to the audiobook?        No                After reading the audiobook? No     Not at all?  I say no! Really, I haven’t read anything about this book.

·         Listening habits.   Did you listen to your audiobook very systematically, i.e., one or two complete chapters or sections at a time before stopping the recording, or did you stop the recording at random places without taking chapter/section divisions into consideration?
I shall do it, but sometimes the reader start to shout and try to make the book more attractive making changes at his voice and I think that’s a great idea, however I have often to stop the player and back to pay more attention.

·         Where did you listen to your audiobook? (at home/on the train/while out walking, etc.) 
At home and at the car.
·         Have you consulted a translation (written or recorded) of the audiobook you listened to?

·          Did you find it more or less difficult to understand your audiobook than to understand the dialogue in the films you viewed last semester in English? (Please elaborate.)
The audiobooks was easier, because  I put on my headphones and pay attention to the reader’s voice – which was very clear and strong, very easy to understand; except for the names of the characters – and when you listen the audiobooks you haven’t the problem of background sounds (shoots, explosions, loud music, etc)
·          Did you enjoy the experience of listening to an audiobook?  -- Why or why not? – Would you listen to another audiobook of your own free will? In English, or in another language?
I like the experience a lot. Seriously, I thought listen an audiobook was difficult and I was a bit scared… but, for my surprise, it was easy and I could do other things while I was listening the CD so it wasn’t boring. It’s a good choice to learn vocabulary and have fun at the car if you haven’t a good conversation.

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