miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

Onion Head


Who doesn't watch this little friend at some web page? You cand find at almost everywhere as smiley, as wallpaper, as profil image, etc! It seems that (and maybe it continues being) a trend.

Abu, as known as Onion Head, is the a character that appears in a lot of Japanese mangas (where did you try to find an onion making laughs and a mess, huh?) The procedence of  the idea of our little onion buddy still unknown, and the author's ID too. Ethan, the author of this pict, draw himself on his / her own mangas and he / she appears like he /she decided... Well, it's easier look this:


And something more strange is the question (very original) that you can read at the mangas.

But don't think that the Onion Head's world just have two characters,  there is another 'Onion Head', but this time will be a woman: Meiya, the girlfriend of Onion Head.


Together they will solve a lot of problems and will live a complicated and funny adventure. However, what makes so popular this onion?  In my persona opinion, I think that its al the merchandising and the emoticons, wallpapers too, over all, the funniest is the manga! (I recommended it you). Onion Head have thousands of faces and expressions, and he will make you laugh and surprise many times.

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