jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Classical music Vs. Crime!

It's said that music soothes the savage beasts, but what would also be possible that with her beauty, did deter the criminals of their intentions?
In the case of a stop of the "light rail", "tram", "thing going on rails but it is not a train or a subway train" or as you call Portland!, Oregon (USA) seems be yes.
Authorities say vagrants, criminals, drugg addicts and men of low moral  was wandering in that station terrorizing travelers. How they can stop crime, then?
The officer John Scruggs, no friend of repressive measures and used to practice in a neighborhood with little security, which had once read that in cities where public transport stops could hear classical music to prevent passengers of going tense to work .Just thought that maybe Mozart, Verdi, Puccini and all the "Pandi" could exert a beneficial influence on potential aggressors.
The funny thing is that since has installed a speaker that emits music such crimes have virtually ceased to exist. So authorities are satisfied that it is possible that the measure be implemented at other stations and stops.
What happened?, How criminals have suddenly become sensitive souls, or maybe the criminals go to other places to drink their beers,  or listen to their satanic musicThe truth is that we have no idea, but we fear that some day the thieves will adapt and return with all their power, but this time with sticks, vests and monoculars ... or as the band that the film "The Mechanich Orange" that of "Cubrish" ...

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