domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Summary of some chapters of 'Ghosts of Spain' (Giles Tremlett's book)

7th Chapter ‘Clubs and Curas’
This “second” chapter is a completely surprise, because the autor starts talking about the prostitution and his interest in learning more about this theme, Giles Tremlett visits prostitutions clubs, asks a lot of girls who works in this cruel job and does a lot of things to learn more about all this. But, Tremlett doesn’t want to talk about this theme concretely, but Giles Tremlett uses it to talk about the past of Spain, its ghosts: dictatorship. In this point, the author makes a cruel critique about all the problems and the discriminations of everyone who lived there.

8th Chapter ‘Men and Children First’
After living 5 years in Spain, Giles Tremlett thought that he wasn’t to find another aspect of Spanish culture which catches him, but he was wrong.  As at the previous chapters, Tremlett starts talking about a theme (in this case about the Spanish woman), however he will focus on other topic: the pregnancy and Spanish childbirth.  So, in this “third” chapter, Giles Tremlett will tell us in a very funny way, his problems in the pregnancy classes (he was the only man in the classes and things of that kind) and, over all, his own problems with the childbirth and education.

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