domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Chapter Summary

13rd Chapter ‘How the Bikini saved Spain’
This chapter basically is about the beaches and the coastal life in Spain. Giles Tremlett starts writing about the old beaches with white sand and blue sea, but now those beaches doesn’t exist. Nowadays, all these places live thanks to the tourism. Moreover, every restaurant, every shop, even every mortuary have the information in two or three languages: panels, brochures, workers, etc. The coastal places in Spain live practically thanks to the foreigners (germans, brithish, etc) and this evokes political parties of all the sides. There are politics that back to the foreigners, although unfortunately there are some that don’t.

11th Chapter ‘Madness of Verdaguer’ (Chosen one)
This eleventh chapter is about Catalonia, Giles Tremlett writes that this city has something particular but he doesn’t see what is. In fact, Tremlett really finds what have of particular. He founds it on his first visit to Barcelona, the first particular fact of the city is “Paseo de la Gràcia” ( a way in which you can watch the iconic architecture of Gaudí). The second symbol of Barcelona is its football team “F.C. Barcelona”. But, the principal symbol of the city is the language, while Giles started to learn Castilian, all his friends find more important to learn Catalonian.

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