domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Chapter Summary

 Was there anything in the book that you found offensive? Was there anything you found especially funny or enjoyable?  Explain.

The majority of the book is very funny, and that’s something important to make it a good book, if you ask me. Because the author, Giles Tremlett, reflects a lot of defects and problems of Spain, but he makes it in a humorous way.
Despite the fact that some parts of the book are interminably long, there are some that are funny, as for example, the chapter eleven when he fights against children to get some sweets in the Carnival at the Rambla of Barcelona. Or the chapter seven when Giles Tremlett wants to inform himself about the prostitution, and he starts to visit all these pubs and speaks with the prostitutes.
I didn’t find anything that I could considerate offensive. It’s true that there are some things a little bit exaggerated but in general he’s very comprehensive. We have to consider his point of view that in spite of being foreigner, he understands perfectly the Spanish education and culture.

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