viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010


Everyone makes mistakes: when you speak with someone, either when you write an essay or any else. Often, you make these errors in concrete situacions; moments that you never forget because you provoke laughter and you don't understand why. This is because these mistakes are disastrously funny...

1) First, Translation Bloopers:

"Burned Meat"
Great! My favorite snack's flavor!!

-Anyone would like drink Strange Juice? ^^
-Ehm, no, I'll pase....

Good advice, maybe it can save your life.

2) Secondly, Speling Misstakesh! (yeah, i love irony)

Oh my Jesus!! Quick, tell me! What *** **** I do?!

Ok, thanks. I wont't.

3) Orthers:

-Why? God, Why do you let these things happen?

-What's that daddy?
- A warning sign, son.

-Ey, look that, Mike. Job!
-No, Jhon, better not.

- I know who needs a writing tutor (cough, cough)


- Gotcha, don't buy the soup at this supermarket.
(If someone don't know what means "polla" -kids, please! NO -.-" -click the link).

4 comentarios:

Ana dijo...

Orthers??? Is it a new word?

Funny post, Kike ^-^

Kike dijo...

Yeah, that was irony too. xD


Mitsuki dijo...

Are you the Kike I know? xD

I've just read your post and found it very funny and interesting xDD Your English looks to be pretty good >< I envy you! D=

See you~~!

Kike dijo...

Pretty good? Really? Thanks! xD, sure that you've got a good level too.

So, be attentive, because I'll try to do all the posts like this one.